Raspbernetes repositories are Apache 2.0 licensed and accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. Before contributing, make sure to have read the Code of Conduct.

We welcome contributions to all Raspbernetes projects.

If you haven't already, come find us at Discord.

Here are some important resources:

  • Bugs or new features? Github Issues is where to report them
  • Discord: k8s@home #general. With contributors in both hemispheres, there's probably always someone available.



All resources created will run through our continuous integration pipeline; It will run:

  • YAML Linting
  • Kubeval
  • Conftest


All images maintained in our multi-arch-images repository will run hadolint.


We run ansible-lint on everything related to Ansible.

Submitting changes

Please send a GitHub Pull Request with a clear list of what you've done (read more about pull requests). Please follow our coding conventions (below) and make sure all of your commits are atomic (one feature per commit).

Always write a clear log message for your commits. One-line messages are fine for small changes, but bigger changes should look like this:

$ git commit -m "A brief summary of the commit

A paragraph describing what changed and its impact."

Always sign-off your commits (git commit --signoff).

Coding conventions

Start reading our code and you'll get the hang of it. We optimize for readability:

  • We indent using two spaces (soft tabs)
  • We use YAML with the extension .yml
  • We like to keep ansible-lint happy and error/warning free.
  • Always end all files with a newline
  • This is open source software. Consider the people who will read your code, and make it look nice for them.

It's sort of like driving a car: Perhaps you love doing donuts when you're alone, but with passengers the goal is to make the ride as smooth as possible.


Raspbernetes Team