Remote Kubectl Access

Remote Kubectl Access

Connect from a client machine

The following instructions will setup remote kubectl access to the Kubernetes cluster.

Note: This will only work if you're part of the Raspbernetes project and have been granted access by an admin.

Install The Cloudflare Daemon On The Client Machine

Download and install cloudflared on the client desktop that will connect to the resource using these following instructions.

Cloudflared will need to be installed on each user device that will connect to the kube-apiserver.

Connect To The Resource

Run the following command to create a connection from the device to Cloudflare. Any available port can be specified.

$ cloudflared access tcp --hostname --url

With this service running, you can run a kubectl command and cloudflared will launch a browser window and prompt the user to authenticate with the Github SSO provider. Once authenticated, cloudflared will expose the connection to the client machine at the local URL specified in the command.

kubeconfig does not support proxy command configurations at this time, though the community has submitted plans to do so. In the interim, users can alias the cluster's API server to save time.

$ alias kubeone="env HTTPS_PROXY=socks5:// kubectl"

To test that the connection is working correctly, check the alias with a simple command to see if it returns the appropriate information.


kubeone get nodes


k8s-master-01 Ready master 8h v1.18.6
k8s-master-02 Ready master 8h v1.18.6
k8s-master-03 Ready master 8h v1.18.6
k8s-worker-01 Ready <none> 8h v1.18.6

If successful you should now have complete access to the cluster using the alias set. Additionally, the cluster has RBAC enabled and the correct user permissions must be granted by an admin.

Additional Information

How to configure SOCK5 proxy using cloudflare argo tunnel to connect the cluster to Cloudflare can be found here